Just because the world is big, it does not have to be complicated. Haberl Tours stands for unlimited possibilities with the greatest possible comfort.

With unique sophistication, loving details are embedded in each and every journey to make it a tailor made, individual experience for you.


Landscape of paradise tropical island beach with perfect sunny sky.

As individual as life

Have you ever dreamed of this private beach on Maldives or a luxury adventure in the middle of African savannah?

Each destination, hotel and activity is tested by us just for your best experience. Only because of our own hand-picked selection and our very high standards we are able to guarantee you a travel experience which will be unforgettable.

We are not only a travel agency, but as well a tour organizer and provide you tailor made travel experiences beyond your deepest wishes.

Do you fancy individual traveling?
Contact us for your tailor-made experience.

We are on your side

How could one better exploit the diversity of a country’s experience than with an experienced guide?

Discover beautiful places most tourists have not seen. Enjoy insider information and tips of hidden possibilities and areas with your exclusive travel guide of Haberl Tours.

We are there for you! A personal guide for your adventures! Your journey becomes an unforgettable time of your life.

Happy friends enjoying in vehicle during safari vacation on a sunny day

Switch off and relax

The same applies to package holidays: Flights and hotels to the most beautiful places on earth have to keep up the high standards of Haberl Tours.

For all those seeking for pure relaxation we offer a carefree package with sun, beach and ocean. Flight, hotel and if you desire to experience some adventures like exploring a crystal blue grotto, we can help here as well. We take care for your sunny break time!

Why travel with Haberl Tours?

Travel, off the beaten path

We refrain from tourism strongholds and mass transit. Our journeys are as individual as life and captivate by terrific experiences away from the typical travel routes.

Travel, with trust

Haberl Tours lives up to its promise – around the clock.

Every hotel, tour and activity has been thoroughly tested and is hand-picked by our team. Only in this way, we can be sure that the journey will meet your and our requirements.

Should there be any question or arise any unexpected difficulties, our emergency service is available 24 hours a day.

Travel, with sense

Breathe in the culture, talk to people and feel the land.

Haberl Tours stands for unique moments that are remembered even after many years.

Journeys, that are sustainable

Responsible tourism also offers opportunities for environmentally and socially responsible economic development and makes natural habitats valuable.

When nature gains economic value through environmentally conscious travel, there is a growing willingness to sustain it. That’s what we at Haberl Tours stand for.

Travel safely

Your safety is important to us. Therefore you can count on our long-term partners to be 100% trustworthy and professional.